Case Study: Retail Development Services

Kauffman Tire: Six Georgia Locations



In December of 2016, McWhirter Realty Partners opened its fourth Kauffman Tire location in Columbus, Georgia, and the fifth location in Brunswick will open in January 2017. The company has a sixth location under contract in Roswell, Georgia.


Kauffman Tire first engaged McWhirter Realty Partners in 2012 to develop a build-to-suit retail store located on a one acre site in Canton, Georgia. Since then, the two companies have developed a strong relationship in which McWhirter Realty Partners acts as a “Preferred Developer” for the Atlanta-based business.


The relationship between McWhirter Realty Partners and Kauffman Tires is based on trust and Kauffman’s recognition of McWhirter Realty Partner’s ability to complete all aspects of development including site location, due diligence, contract negotiation and management of third parties necessary for each job.