Summer Pest Control Tips for Commercial Properties

While pest control needs to be prevented year-round, there are certain times when business owners and tenants see a “surge” in activity that requires extra attention. During the hot summer months, pests such as ants, flies, roaches and bees are more active and seek respite from the heat inside cool, shaded office buildings and parking garages.  

Here’s a list of actions to keep summer pests out:


  • Keep landscaping trimmed away from building exteriors
  • Eliminate areas of standing water
  • Replace weather-stripping around windows and doors
  • Ensure the building foundation is properly sealed
  • Make sure attics, crawl spaces and basements are well ventilated and dry
  • Have an annual termite inspection


  • Install pine straw closer than ½ – 1 foot away from the foundation
  • Allow garbage dumpsters to overflow
  • Store building construction materials against the building
  • Let irrigation systems spray directly toward the foundation
  • Leave food or dirty dishes in break rooms or kitchens
  • Allow open air parking garages to retain excess moisture or puddles

These tips should help keep pest activity at bay during the summer months. However, if you do suspect a pest infestation, make sure you work with a trained professional to safely and effectively remove the problem to best ensure it doesn’t return.