Preparing Your Commercial Property for Winter Weather

It’s the time of year when temperatures can fluctuate drastically and being caught unprepared in an unexpected hard freeze can lead to significant property damage. Now is the time for business owners to think ahead to ensure their property is protected and action plans are in place when the cold weather hits.

  • Inspect mechanical systems and change filters
  • Test gas lines that have been dormant during the warmer months
  • Ensure pipes are properly insulated to avoid breaks
  • Test carbon monoxide and smoke detection systems
  • Make sure exterior access points have proper weather stripping
  • Replenish emergency supplies including flashlights, batteries, rock salt, sand and snow/ice removal equipment
  • Test the freeze sensor on the irrigation system

Review your winterization plan with your maintenance team. Ensure proper steps are taken now in the case of an unexpected freeze and also prepare a timeline for actions to be taken as the weather continues to cool. Make sure all employees know what to do in the case of severe weather and how they can help prepare to be safe.

McWhirter Realty Partners has a skilled property management team with experience preparing and recovering from weather related events. Contact us today if you’re interested in learning more about our services or need a property management partner.