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Commercial Property: Spring Maintenance Checklist

Being proactive is key to preventing further damage – and saving time and money – when it comes to your commercial property maintenance. Spring is an important time to assess any damage your property incurred during harsh winter conditions and properly prepare it for summer.

At McWhirter Realty Partners, our expert team of property managers are diligent in monitoring and maintaining our properties by following seasonal guides to ensure no system or area is overlooked. Here’s a suggested guide for spring maintenance:

Spring Maintenance Checklist

  1. Roof and Exterior

Strong winds and extreme cold temperatures can increase wear and tear on a building causing chipped paint, loose roof tiles or siding, clogged gutters and cracks in the foundation. After a thorough inspection, it’s important to assess the severity of damage and prioritize repairs. It’s also a good idea to document and photograph damage for proper reporting.

  1. Landscaping & Irrigation

Spring is the perfect time to clean up and freshen up your property’slandscape photo landscaping. Start by removing any dead plants or trees and cleaning up debris such as downed limbs and excess leaves. Then identify where new shrubs or plants are needed and select the types of flowers to add “seasonal color.”

This is also a good time to check the irrigation system to ensure it was properly drained before winter and is in good operating order for spring.

  1. Drainage

Increased rainfall is common in spring and property managers should take note of any standing water to determine drainage issues. Clogged gutters and in-ground drain systems should be repaired immediately to prevent damage to the foundation, planting areas and basement.

  1. Mechanical Systems

A thorough inspection of all HVAC units to proper working condition before the summer temperatures heat up is a crucial component of preventative maintenance. Air filters should also be cleaned or replaced to ensure proper indoor air quality. This is also a good time to check the sprinkler/fire system and carbon monoxide or smoke detectors.